June 12th 2014 - Finals

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June 12th 2014 - Finals

Post by Gr33nChip on Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:44 am

If you've been wondering why there were no updates on development, then I might have a pretty good reason.

Sommer is coming and with it the end of the school year and with that of course The final exams. Not just any finals though, but finals which decide whether I can go to my desired college or not. I'd say "wish me luck" at this point of the paragraph, but the written exams are already over anyway. Only the oral exams remain, but those are worth only 20% anyway.

The development of THE RPG PROJECT will continue on June 24th.

Anyhow, in order to not make you bored with just a wall of text, here's some pixel art (done out of procrastination).

And before you ask; yes, this is how I study math. In a dark room, with a skull on my table which answers in whispers to all my math questions, all in flickering candlelight.

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